nobody slings a pie
like Pie Slingers.

serious dough. HANd-tossed.
Real deal cheese. fresh ingredients.


Welcome to Pie Slingers

We are a family-oriented restaurant. We have our own delicious dough recipe – nobody knows it but us. Unique, awesome atmosphere. Our food is made to order. We aren’t looking to take over the pizza world. We only hope to earn your customer loyalty one bite at a time.


we strive to provide our community with a wholesome product and eating experience.


simply put, we LOVE pizza.

LOVE is our secret ingredient and we sprinkle it into everything we make — especially the pizzas. The best things take time. We take great pride in our pizzas and don’t take any shortcuts. Nothing else we really need to say here.



We hand toss each of our pies with no exceptions. We don’t use a pizza press or dough sheeter. We do it the way it was originally intended. One more step to pizza perfection!

properly baked

We bake each pizza in an old-fashioned soapstone deck oven, not in a conveyor. Every pie is unique and yes it may have a burnt spot here and there and perhaps a little char, but that’s the way it is supposed to be!

100% cheesy

We use 100% ooey-gooey whole milk mozzarella from Wisconsin. It’s cheesy. Super cheesy even! It’s the best money can buy. No fillers, no preservatives, no cellulose. This cheese is the Bomb!


Where Pies Fly

Every pie gets some air time.
it’s the right way and it looks cool.


What’s 28 inches and can feed up to 12 humans?


answer: The Behemoth

it’s our house-special GIANT pizza pie. great for birthday parties & small armies.


having a birthday?
let’s party!

Birthdays are awesome at Pie Slingers.
We have special birthday packages as well as our Birthday Club.
Signup and get special stuff!