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  • Family Atmosphere
  • Historic Chickamauga Georgia
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What People Are
Saying About Us
What People Are

Want to Throw Some Pizza?

We have job openings. If you would like to apply download this application and email it to us at jennifer@pieslingers.com.

The Dough

How it's made

We make the best dough in pizza history. Seriously, we take great pride the dough that we make, and you will be able to tell when you taste it. We take our time, and make it right. It is also hand-tossed so you can watch as we make it.

The Ingredients

What goes in

Fresh. Delicious. Loaded. We don't skimp on the toppings. You get the best ingredients, and a pizza that won't leave you hungry. From the dough, to the sauce, to the cheese and toppings, our ingredients are the finest around.

The Love

The Secret Ingredient

The best things take time. We take great pride in our pizzas and don't take any shortcuts. Nothing else we really need to say here.