Power to the pie!

We are a family oriented restaurant. We have our own delicious dough recipe – nobody knows it but us. Unique, awesome atmosphere. Our food is made to order. We are looking to take over the pizza world. We are quite certain you will enjoy your visit to our world famous restaurant!

We  hand toss each of our pies with no exceptions. We don’t use a pizza press or dough sheeter. We do it the way it was originally intended. One more step to pizza perfection!

We  bake each pizza in an old-fashioned soapstone deck oven, not in a conveyor. Every pie is unique and yes it may have a burnt spot here and there and perhaps a little char, but that’s the way it is supposed to be!

We  We use 100% Ooey-Gooey whole milk mozzarella from Wisconsin. It’s cheesy. Super cheesy even! It’s the best money can buy. No fillers, no preservatives, no cellulose. This cheese is the Bomb!

The Love
It’s the Secret Ingredient. The best things take time. We take great pride in our pizzas and don’t take any shortcuts. Nothing else we really need to say here.

The Dough
We make the best dough in pizza history. Seriously, we take great pride the dough that we make, and you will be able to tell when you taste it. We take our time, and make it right. It is also hand-tossed so you can watch as we make it.

The Ingredients
Fresh. Delicious. Loaded. We don’t skimp on the toppings. You get the best ingredients, and a pizza that won’t leave you hungry. From the dough, to the sauce, to the cheese and toppings, our ingredients are the finest around.

The Toys
You might get one of these rascals to take to your table when you place an order:

Pie Slingers Table Toy Taz
Pie Slingers Table Toy Orange Gator
Pie Slingers Table Toy Alien Spaceship
Pie Slingers Table Toy T-Rex
Pie Slingers Table Toy Turtle
Pie Slingers Table Toy Voltron
Pie Slingers Table Toy Carmen Ghia
Pie Slingers Table Toy Robo Raptor
Pie Slingers Table Toy Cow
Pie Slingers Table Toy Dark Robo Raptor

From The Alpha Female

Jennifer, the Alpha Female Slinger, herself, talks about what makes Pie Slingers the best pizza around.

Donations & Charitable Events

Pie Slingers participates in many charitable events. If you have an event you would like us to be involved with, check out the page at the link below for more info.

Charities & Fundraisers


Yes! We do catering. Give us some details about your event using the form below and we will get in touch.

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Work at Pie Slingers

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